Touch screen display hotel self check-in kiosk

Touch Screen Interface

User-friendly touch screen interface that guides guests through the check-in process

Comply to Singapore EVA requirements hotel self check-in kiosk

Identification Verification

Various methods to verify guests’ identities, such as scanning passports or driver’s licenses, or using facial recognition technology

hotel self check-in kiosk with multiple payment method

Payment Processing

Accept major credit card payments and cash to process room charges, making the check-in process faster and more convenient for guests

hotel self check-in kiosk with room selection features

Room Selection

Guests can select their preferred room type and location based on availability, and the kiosk can assign a room number and issue a key card

hotel self check-in kiosk for guests to upgrade their room

Upgrade Options

Offer guests the option to upgrade their room or add on additional services, such as breakfast or late check-out

hotel self check-in kiosk with hotel door lock & PMS integration ready

Seamless Integration

Integrated with hotel management software to update room availability, guest information, and other important data in real-time

hotel self check-in kiosk with hotel branding customization

Customizable Branding

Can be customized with hotel branding, logos, and colors to provide a seamless and cohesive guest experience

hotel self check-in kiosk with 24/7 availability to guests

24/7 Availability

Available 24/7, allowing guests to check in at any time, even if the front desk is closed

Evernet hotel self check-in kiosk is integration ready with Raizo hotel door lock and hotel PMS. What’s more? Talk to your hotel self check-in kiosk expert!