1How Evernet Hotel Self Check-in Kiosk works?

Our kiosk works by providing guests with an automated way to check-in to their hotel room without the need for interaction with a front desk agent. Here's a general overview of how a our kiosk typically works:
a. Guest Identification: The kiosk will ask the guest to identify themselves, usually by scanning a passport or driver's license, or using facial recognition technology.
b. Room Selection: Guests can select their preferred room type and location based on availability, and the kiosk can assign a room number and issue a key card.
c. Payment Processing: Kiosks can accept credit card payments and process room charges, making the check-in process faster and more convenient for guests.
d. Upgrade Options: Self check-in kiosks can offer guests the option to upgrade their room or add on additional services, such as breakfast or late check-out.
e. Issue Key Cards: The kiosk will issue a key card that guests can use to access their room.
f. Provide Directions: The kiosk may provide directions to the guest's room or other important areas of the hotel, such as the fitness center or pool.
g. Provide Assistance: The kiosk may also offer assistance to guests who have questions or need help with their check-in process.
Overall, a hotel self check-in kiosk is designed to simplify and speed up the check-in process for guests, while also reducing the workload for front desk staff. By providing an automated way for guests to check-in, hotels can improve the guest experience and increase efficiency, all while maintaining a high level of security and accuracy.

2How do I know if my PMS systems integrated with your self service kiosks ?

Contact us to check. Generally, we have no issue integrate with Access Control integrations, Payment System integrations and PMS integrations.

3How to maintain Evernet Hotel Self Check-in Kiosk?

Generally, our kiosk is maintenance FREE.
Hotel Owner only need to do some up keeping work to keep the check-in kiosk operating smoothly and effectively. Here are some of the upkeeping tasks that can be performed:
a. Regular Cleaning: Self check-in kiosks should be cleaned regularly to remove dust, debris, and fingerprints from the touch screen and other components. This can be done using a soft cloth and a mild cleaning solution.
b. Hardware Maintenance: The hardware components of the kiosk, such as the card reader and printer, should be regularly checked and serviced to ensure that they are functioning properly.
c. Monitoring and Support: The kiosk should be monitored for any issues or errors, and support should be available to resolve any problems that arise.
d. Software Updates: We will regularly update the kiosk with the latest software versions and security patches to ensure optimal performance and prevent security vulnerabilities.
By performing these upkeeping tasks regularly, hotel operators can help ensure that the self check-in kiosks are always operating effectively and providing the best possible experience for guests.

4How can I get support for my self-service kiosk in case I need help or assistance?

Online support

A dedicated team of technical experts is available to help you solve any issues you may encounter with our systems. With the ability to remotely control your installations, our team will bring them back to full operation in only a few hours. Our online support center offers comprehensive opening hours to satisfy our most demanding customers.

Onsite support

Should we not be able to resolve an issue with our online support center or need to replace a faulty part, our teams will dispatch a technician to your site in a short time.

5What if my guest has no reservation

No problem – our “Walk-in” feature allows guests arriving without a hotel reservation to quickly find an available room, make a reservation and complete the same steps as for regular check-in.

6Is a hotel check-in kiosk expensive?

Not at all! We believe our self-service kiosks and online products can become another source of revenue if properly implemented and managed besides saving staffing cost.
Self-service helps reduce costs, provide additional revenue from upselling and increase guest satisfaction.
CONTACT US for a detailed analysis of the projected cost savings and revenue for your hotel!

7Is the self-service kiosk's payment system secure?

We handle all payments with extreme care. All payment transactions are secure and implemented following industry "best practice” and in compliance with local legislation. We never handle (or have access to) credit card numbers and related information in clear.